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The wine software Wine XT for Apple Macintosh MacOS X is an...

The wine software Wine XT for Apple Macintosh MacOS X is an essential tool to manage the contents of your wine cellar with your mac. Wine XT offers a clear presentation and a flexibility in use on your Mac.

Pleasant and easy to use, Wine XT makes it possible to enter information in a fast way by easy functions like other Mac software. You can manage your wines and your own wine tasting notes.

You can note sight, smell, taste and the quality of a wine. Manage the wine cellar racks, reviews and used wine with this wine accessory. Using the MacOS X system address book for winery and supplier addresses.

Only for MacOS X Note: This Wine XTversion is only available by download. Product Delivery: Once you purchase the Download version of Wine XT an email from Edwin Buehler is sent to you with your License Number.

If you have already downloaded the product prior to purchase, it is not necessary to download a further copy. Simply run ;Wine XT, go to the Wine XT; menu and choose Register to permanently unlock your application.

If you have yet to download the product, please collect your software from our download page. The download on our web site is the full version and runs in trial mode, free of charge without a License Number for up to 30 days, or until the application is permanently unlocked with a valid License Number.

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